6968 Ridge Road

Sodus, NY

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Burgers, beer and so much more!

Chicken and potato

6968 Ridge Road

Sodus, NY

Boneless wings

50 cent wings on Monday nights — visit us today for more daily specials!

For more information, call us today!


Deep fried and crispy wings in a variety homemade sauce flavors

Roadhouse Favorites

All served with your choice of side

Fresh made beef patty

½ Lb Beef Burger  


With cheese


And bacon


This is Bubba’s favorite. ½ lb patty covered in grilled onions, mushrooms and melted swiss

Bubba Burger


½ lb Cajun spiced patty with blue cheese crumbles

Black and Blue Burger  


½ lb patty topped with grilled onions and provolone. Served with BBQ sauce

The Roadhouse Burger


½ lb patty with grilled ham, BBQ sauce, cheese onion rings

The Texan


Choice of grilled, blackened, or fried served with lettuce, tomato and mayo

Chicken Sandwich


Huge battered haddock sandwich served with tartar sauce

Fish Sandwich


“Deluxe” any burger or sandwich for an extra $0.50

Side Substitutes: O-Rings, Cup of soup or Chili $1.00